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At FullFibre, we have established a core wholesale broadband network that reached from the border of South Wales to South Yorkshire aiming to connect 500,000 premises by our first milestone year of 2025.

Strictly wholesale

Focusing on towns that have few connectivity options, we’ve targeted these historically underserved areas as a matter of priority in order to help reduce the UK digital divide.

By connecting these locations that have been labelled ‘unviable’, we are able to unlock revenue as we build to these untapped markets.

Our build towns are carefully selected; we don’t focus on easy wins. Increasing the quality of existing infrastructure maximises reward for both residential connection quality and increases the number of revenue-generating build areas for partners.

We operate on a wholesale-only model allowing for healthy competition amongst our partners. By giving the end-user an abundance of choice, it ensures that our partners provide the highest level of service.

Pioneering the way that leads are acquired, FullFibre has introduced Fibre Heroes; a lead generation campaign aimed at educating the end user.

Unique in its offering to market, Fibre Heroes works closely with local authorities, property developers, internet service providers (ISP) and communities to enrich the towns in which FullFibre’s network is being deployed.

Working with our partners, we ensure that a collaborative and cohesive message is taken to market. In doing so, marketing spend for our partners is decreased and therefore ROI is increased.

Our Values


Developing ground breaking methods to ensure barriers are overcome, every employee at FullFibre is encouraged to think outside the box.


The reason we are able to disrupt and achieve our ambitious targets are because we genuinely believe in our mission of reducing digital divide.


Without our workforce, we are nothing. Encouraging safety amongst all employees results in confidence in ability and a situation in which they can thrive.

“The current environment has highlighted more than ever the need for gigabit-capable fibre broadband, available as standard. We are delighted to work with Basalt to accelerate this rollout, fuelled further by the strengthening of our management team.”

Oliver Helm - CEO

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