We're a Wholesale Broadband Provider

We are passionate about transforming market towns across the UK that have previously been forgotten by other network builders, by improving and future-proofing their broadband connectivity. By working hand in hand with local authorities and ISPs, we can accelerate the provision of full fibre access to thousands of homes and businesses.  

By being a wholesale broadband provider, this provides choice to end-users and creates a competitive marketplace which leads to innovation, better customer service and ultimately, better value for money for all. 

In 2020, we received a 500m investment from the Specialist infrastructure investment fund, Basalt Infrastructure Partners III, to aid us in reaching our target of connecting over half a million homes across 4 regions by 2025.  

Our Journey

Full Fibre Limited was formed in 2017 by three directors who were passionate about fibre and its opportunities. They all fundamentally believed in both the importance of consumer choice and the role of fibre connectivity in unlocking social mobility and economic growth. 

These reasons are primarily why we as a business deliver only wholesale broadband networks, choosing to focus on rapidly scaling our network footprint whilst allowing multiple ISPs and network operators to provide services to consumers. 

Our focus has always been on UK market towns. Other fibre providers have forgotten these areas as they center their attention on the larger urban cities. resulting in little to no competition from other providers in the area. Full Fibre’s infrastructure will revitalise businesses and drive economic growth in the regions that the national lockdowns have impacted. 

“Covid has changed the world. People no longer want to live in a crowded city next to the business that they must commute to every day on the tube; they want to work from home. 

We’ve seen bandwidth usage go through the roof, and we’ve seen copper networks creaking at the edges. People want to be able to work in smaller towns [and this is] an area that has been left behind. Fibre infrastructure, for us, is the equivalent to what would have been invested in railway or road links.” 

(Oliver Helm, Full Fibre CEO) 

Looking for a Wholesale Broadband Provider?

As a wholesale broadband provider, we provide vast benefits for our ISPs and the end-user.  If you would like further information, please contact us using our online enquiries form.  

About the company

Full Fibre Limited is registered in England & Wales under company number 11090610.

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