Full Fibre’s aim is to cover 250,000 premises by the end of 2022, with the announcement of over 30 new towns over that time.

Full Fibre UK Map

Our Network

We’re proud to be physically laying our own fibre from our privately owned network, backed by £500m investment from Basalt Infrastructure Partners III “Basalt”. We are passionate about improving connectivity within small to medium-sized market and county towns, and we are committed to covering all premises in the areas we service, extending into the hard-to-reach areas previously forgotten by other providers.

Local engagement

We don’t just want to be known as the ones who dig up the roads, it is important to us that we become a part of the local community.

Here are just some of the community engagement activities we do in the areas we serve:

  • Each area has a Community Ambassador who serves as a dedicated point of contact
  • Collaborations between schools and charities
  • Participation in and sponsorship of local events
  • Job opportunities in the local area

See our press releases for new town information.