Multi-Tenancy Buildings

Design and delivery and management of Gigabit-capable broadband services to existing and new build multi-tenancy buildings.

Business Parks & Campuses

Ultrafast, Gigabit and 10 Gigabit-capable connections across business parks to fuel business growth and unit occupancy.

Property Developers

Fully managed and funded design, delivery and management of fibre optic broadband into existing and new properties, generating long-term revenue for developers and increasing sell rates.

Public Sector

Innovative network solutions to reduce costs, encourage economic development and deliver digital strategy.

Mobile & 5G

Dark fibre networks and managed wavelengths, positioned for tower, roadside and small side infrastructure.

Private Estates

Managed and costed fibre-optic infrastructure, with a choice of service providers and over the top services such as satellite-over-fibre.

Community Networks

Working with communities to delivery Gigabit-capable fibre optic broadband networks in underserved communities.

Arrange a Meeting

Working across a range of sectors that require the future-proof capacity of Full Fibre networks we are always happy to talk and meet.  Our wholesale only networks provide consumers with choice over their connectivity providers and brings a competitive market place to their door.