Business Parks

Futureproofed, rent boosting connectivity.

Our end-to-end fibre optic broadband networks offer speeds of up to 10Gbps to business customers and dedicated leased line connectivity for business where connectivity is critical for businesses that depend on fast, reliable connectivity.

Fibre optic networks, unlike other networks, have a long lifespan and the capacity for future upgrades without the need to keep laying new cables.  This high capacity, future-proofed infrastructure provides incentives for new business to move in and a disincentive to move for existing tenants.

Full Fibres wholesale networks offer price competitive services, from a range of value-adding service providers.

Full fibre provide:

  • Fully managed and funded design and installation for existing or new build sites.
  • Flexible deployment based around build schedules.
  • Gigabit and 10 Gigabit-capable broadband connectivity.
  • Low latency services supporting VoIP and Viedo services.
  • Increased letting rates and unit values.

Revenue Generating

For developments where it’s viable to do so, alongside the benefits of a Full Fibre network, we offer developers a long term revenue option on profits from their section of our network.

Funded Build

Full Fibre funds all of the components needed to build the network on new-development sites, ensuring it is cost neutral to the developer. We ensure that our delivery teams remain flexible and able to react to any changes in your development schedule, and provide a single point of contact.

Our delivery process

Site Planning


We work with developers to identify the simplest deployment methodology and design, reducing build pinch points, ensuring part R compliance, and modelling costs and revenue.

Existing duct and fibre

Using both other provider’s duct and fibre assets, and digging in our own where needed, we identify the best way to being ultrafast, full fibre connectivity into the development site, connecting it back to our data centres and the internet.



We provide detailed drawings, the materials and surveying expertise to help you put the ducting infrastructure in the ground. As the site grows so does the network.


Connecting the fibre

As each build near completion, our team installs the fibre and high speck wireless router into each property making it internet, telephone and IPTV ready. There’s no waiting for the whole site to be finished, removing a frustration for potential buyers.


Moving in

Research shows that buyers would be willing to pay up to $6,500 for a house with potential good internet connectivity. We provided Excellent connectivity up to 1,000 MBps per home.


Happy residents

Each new resident gets 1 month free to test the service. After that, they can sign up with any of our wholesale providers. We don’t restrict who can sell services over our network, giving end users a huge range of choice.


No risk, long-term revenue generation

As users join the network and revenues grow so does your dividend. As well as fronting the upfront costs we commit to paying you a percentage of all profit from the ,, forever.


Proving Choice to Business.

As a wholesale provider, with connections to multiple ISP’s Full Fibre, is uniquely placed to offer multiple bandwidth and services as well as dark fibre and infrastructure.  Having been established after considering the industry requirements we have built a network that meets the needs of everyone from the small enterprise centre to the largest PLC and, unlike the multinational communication companies, we are agile and responsive so can meet and often exceed our extremely fast delivery times regardless of the geographic location.

The Importance of Full Fibre Infrastructure

Fast, future-proof, broadband service delivery, only achievable through truly pure fibre networks, is vital for businesses of all sizes. Fulling productivity, removing barriers to growth and providing mechanisms to reduce costs along with providing fairer access to ‘over the top’ services such as VoIP is vital to attracting business into buildings and ensuring you are positioned to meet their developing needs. The phase-out of ISDN is increasing the demand for these services among many established companies, but with the prevalence of full fibre infrastructure in the UK low, many are forced to accept lower service levels or pay for expensive, dedicated, fibre installations.

Our networks break these barriers, proving the fourth utility upon which business now depend.

In addition or full fibre networks provide benefits for business parks and campuses allowing easy access for CCTV and street furniture services, and enabling better connectivity for MNOs.