Mobile & 5G

Enabling Mobile Network Operators and 5G

Agile Deployment
Dedicated deployment team

The prevalence of fibre optic network connectivity, ease of access, and associated cost points is key to the delivery of current and next generation mobile networks. The commercial and regulatory pressure on MNOs to deliver almost universal coverage, and to build a 5G enabled nation is huge. In rural and semi-urban areas the cost and complexities of deployment are compounded by the lack of this infrastructure. Uncertainty in the timelines and costs of difficult civil works make deployment plans harder to enforce.

Our full fibre network offers dark fibre and managed wavelengths to MNOs anywhere we have a network footprint, with handoff either at data centres, exchanges or other network operators Points of Presence. Our agile deployment methods allow us to quickly, and cost effectively, expand our network out to mast sites as needed, and dedicated deployment teams ensure predictable and cost-efficient delivery.

Dark Fibre

Constructed around a blow fibre core, our engineers can quickly provision dark fibre on, or near, any segment of our network. A-end delivery can be either elsewhere on the network, to local Openreach Exchanges, other operators PoPs or elsewhere in the country via partnering with other Dark Fibre Networks.

Pricing is based on a simple distance calculation and provisioning aims to deliver circuits within just 30 days.

Active handoff exchange and data centre/wave lengths

Where lower bandwidth capacity is required active handoff services are available as 1Gbps, 10Gbps and 40Gbps waves. With network into Openreach exchanges and key UK datacenters, active handoff provides a cost-effective mechanism for connectivity for any provider.

In addition, we offer rapid, in-term scaling across our services, allowing a clear path for bandwidth growth.

Small cell sites

Overcoming spectrum challenges in 5G deployment, along with reaching some of the harder to cover areas of the country in current generation technologies is forecast to require an increasing move to ‘small cell’ sites. Street furniture, rooftops and even in-building are likely to be important areas of deployment.

Our fibre network is designed to pass many of these places by default and to be easily expanded to them as needed. Our blown fibre deployments allow for minimum splice points on longer dark fibre runs and per-meter costing makes short runs between sites viable.

Active wavelengths are available in a smaller capacity, lower price points, with in-term bandwidth shifts available.