Multi-Tenancy Buildings

Multi-Tenancy Buildings

Future Proofed, Gigabit Broadband

Gigabit-capable broadband infrastructure for multi-tenancy buildings.

Future Proofed, Gigabit Broadband

Wholesale broadband, supporting 1 Gbps speeds at a minimum, and installed at no cost to the developer or landlord.

Social Housing

High speed, affordable broadband is key to delivering social mobility, education, employment and social inclusion. Our wholesale broadband networks provide gigabit capable connections to social housing tenants enabling them to access the services and communications tools that can help them best. Through our service providers, Full Fibre offer lower price rates to social tenants, and we fully fund the cost of bringing infrastructure to their doors.

Student Apartments

Digital first Students expect and demand high quality, high-speed connectivity, and many cite the availability of good internet connectivity as key to deciding on where they want to live. Consuming huge amounts of media, and relying on the internet for research and learning, student benefit from the hyperfast connectivity Full Fibre broadband providers. We work with property owners to install or retrofit this infrastructure and ensure that they get a long-term stake in the revenue generated.

  • Dedicated design, installation and support team.
  • Choice of providers for tenants and owners.
  • Zero cost installation.
  • Truly Gigabit-capable from day one.
  • Affordable access to ultrafast broadband.
  • Fully funded build.
  • Fueling education, inclusion and social mobility.
  • Fully funded infrastructure installation.
  • Future proofed Gigabit-capable fibre optic network, meeting students’ growing demand.
  • Student-focused packages, without long contract terms.
  • Fully managed and funded design and installation.
  • Flexible deployment based around build schedules.
  • Gigabit and 10 Gigabit-capable broadband connectivity.
  • Low latency services supporting VoIP and Video services.
  • Increased letting rates and unit values.
  • Ultrafast internet connectivity for retail units of all sizes.
  • Fully managed and funded design, installation and maintenance.

Guaranteed Speeds

Full Fibre networks offer speeds of up to 1Gbps to every user that connects to them. Unlike traditional deployment methods distance has no effect on attainable speeds and so we guarantte the connection level to each unit and property.

Faster Lettings

Increased broadband speed increases the speed of letting, and is shown to increase rental income. Internet is now seen as the fourth utility, and as our white paper shows it is now given more consideration than many other factors when renting a property.

Managed Deployment

When managing a build of any size, timings can be fluid. Our experienced delivery team work to design and deliver our fibre optic broadband networks around the development schedule and to flex when needed as timings and layouts adjust. A single point of contact oversees the process, and we fund it all.

Provider Agnostic

Tenants or buyers don’t mind who owns the fibre that gets the internet to them, but they do want a choice of who they buy their service from. Our wholesale network supports a range of providers, offering competitively priced internet and over-the-top services such as IPTV and VoIP.

Revenue Generating

Our unique proposition ensures that landlords and developers share in the long-term profits of the network, paying a fix proportion of profits generated for the lifetime of the network.